D (denyce) wrote in jam_pony_fic,

FIC: Purr 1/1 (Max, Joshua, Logan, pre-Alec/Logan, pg)

Title: Purr
Fandom: Dark Angel
Characters/Pairing(s): Max, Joshua, Logan, Alec, pre-Alec/Logan
Rating: PG
Warnings: NA, Unbeta'd
Word Count: 1,147
Words/Prompts Used: cat nap, cat's out of the bag
AN: Written for gameofcards Team Clubs. Note un'beta'd & that it's been a long time since I wrote anything, especially in DA.

Brief note to Comm, this is my 2nd verture into DA since Reflections- I'm hoping my muse is coming back to write, but also to get more involved in fandom/Livejournal. To help me I joined gameofcards, and am scrolling through comment_fic for prompts (where I wrote my 1st DA piece a drabble you can find here: Childhood Wishes (Ben, g).

You can read Purr either on my LJ or AO3
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