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12 Days: Masterlist of Wishes


All right, here we go! Check out these wishes and see if you can make someone's day that much brighter.

  • There's no need to claim. If something inspires you, have at it.
  • Any wishes you grant should be posted Dec. 14th through Dec. 25th.
  • To submit your own wish list, if you haven't already, go here. You have until Dec. 13th to do so, and I'll do my best to add wishes to the masterpost as they come in.
  • If something is wrong with your wishes, or you have a question that would blow your anonymous cover, PM dollarformyname or the da_mod account. All other questions and comments go here.

FYI: Each wish is assigned a letter and a number. For example, the first person's wish list will be assigned the letter A, and its subsequent wishes will be numbered A-1 through A-12. Second person would be B-1 through B-12. And so on. I assume it'll be easy enough for wishers to recognize their own wish list and take note of their letter. This way, anyone granting a wish can add a note to their post that they're granting, say, wish D-10, making it easier for wisher D to recognize one of their wishes has been granted. Make sense?

* * * Wish Lists * * *

A-1. Art: Alec wallpaper for widescreen desktop and/or ipad - especially from Berrisford Agenda

A-2. Fic: Max/Alec or gen - Max helps Alec after the scene with Rachel in B.A.

A-3. Art: chibi!Alec icons

A-4. Fic. Max/Alec, or gen. Just because the economy is crap doesn't mean the spirit of Black Friday is dead. Alec is out trying to find Max the perfect gift, and doesn't understand what the hell is happening. (couldn't resist prompting this one!)

A-5. Fic: DA/TIH crossover - Priestly and Alec meet.

A-6. Fic: Max/Alec - Alec is spending a depressing Christmas alone. At least until Max surprisingly shows up.

A-7. Fic: Max/Alec - Alec is sick of seeing Max upset over being on again, off again with Logan. She deserves better. He's going to prove it to her. Cue Alec giving his best attempts to woo Max with romance.

A-8. Fic: Max/Alec - Sketchy has hung mistletoe up somewhere at Jam Pony. Somehow Alec and Max end up underneath it at the same time and now have to kiss. They try their best but fail to get out of it as none of their coworkers will let them. The pair is surprised by the sparks they feel upon kissing.

A-9. Fic: Max/Alec - Max convinces Alec to grow his hair to cover his bar code after a close call. Alec hates it. Max is surprised to find she doesn't.

A-10. Fic: Max/Alec - Alec ends up in the hospital with a serious injury/illness. It doesn't look too promising at least at the beginning. It makes Max realize just how much she cares about him.

B-1. Fic: Five Times Max Kisses Alec and One Time He Kissed Her - Or swap the prompt

B-2. Fic: Max/Alec - children and their big, scary future

B-3. Fic: A/B/O dynamics among transgenics

B-4. Fic: Five Things Alec Noticed About Max That Made Him Love Her - Or swap the prompt

B-5. Fic: Everyday life for a transgenic after the destruction of Manticore

B-6. Art: Alec/Max with their children - prompt: love out of the ruins

B-7. Art: Alec and his old unit at Manticore - prompt: there is no second best

B-8. Art: Joshua, Alec, Max - prompt: how to make a family

B-9. Icons: SPN/DA crossover icons - Dean and Alec; Dean, Sam and Alec; Bobby and Mole; Castiel and Max; Castiel, Alec and Max - go nuts!

C-1. FIC: Alec/Max/Logan. Something that focuses on the separate relationships between each couple (Alec/Max, Max/Logan, Alec/Logan) and then rounding it off with how they all fit together. Like, maybe Alec and Max patch each other up after a supply run gone sideways, Max and Logan work to get information out of a shady informant, Alec and Logan end up in a high-speed motorcycle chase together, and then later, all three of them band together for porn and cuddling. Or, you know, however you want to do it.

C-2. FIC: DA/BtVS crossover; any pairing or gen. Manticore likes to think it's cornered the market on supersoldiers, so having a bunch of supergirls running around isn't gonna fly. Enter Alec and Biggs, whose latest mission is to kidnap the supergirls' general, Buffy Summers.

C-3. FIC or VID or ART: SPN/DA crossover; stalker!Impala. There's this car that keeps turning up: huge, black, beautiful. Everywhere he goes, Alec spots it, covets it, thinks about stealing it and taking to the open road for no good reason. It'd be real easy, too, given there never seems to be a driver.

C-4. FIC or ART: Alec/Max or gen. Pulling a heist/rescue/whatever, they cause more damage to each other than the enemy. But it's all out of looove.

D-1. Fanmix: Any and all songs you think fit Alec or specific scenes with Alec

D-2. Icons: Alec (preferably shirtless or smiling :P)

D-3. Collage: Alec / Ben / spn!Dean / Jensen images

D-4. Chibi!art: Wee!Alec and wee!Ben unwrapping Christmas presents

D-5. Fic: Christmas Eve dinner at Terminal City (gen please!)

D-6. Vid: Alec from when he was a kid at Manticore to the end of S02, set to Bush's Letting The Cables Sleep (the Cafe del Mar remix).

D-7. Fic: Smut! Solo!Alec. Doesn't have to be long, just make it filthy :P

E-1. Fic or Art - Joshua’s first Christmas outside Manticore. Gen. No Pairing.

E-2. Art – a take on Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom From Want”. The style doesn’t have to be the same – just the sentiment – everyone sitting down for a holiday dinner (that Logan probably made since we know he’s a good cook!)

E-3. Holiday icons – all major characters wearing a santa hat, elf hat, dressed in holiday ribbons…etc...

E-4. Fic - Alec/Logan – Logan is heartbroken over having to sell a very sentimental piece (mother’s necklace?)in order to pay for something for Terminal City, not that he’d show it but Alec knows and finds a way to get it back for him without stealing it. Obviously, Alec gives it to Logan on Christmas and fluffiness (or smut) occurs.

E-5. Fic - Logan makes the perfect hot chocolate which makes Alec purr.

E-6. Art – Snowball fight – any characters

E-7. Art or Fic - Alec/Logan – Silver Balls..err..Bells. Christmas porn/kink.

E-8. Art or Fic – Logan’s workshop. He hasn’t been seen much lately – but not because of an Eyes Only mission. Instead he’s making toys for Terminal City kids. Gen or any pairing. Someone might find out and come in to help and find their own Christmas spirit while helping him.

E-9. Art or Fic - Holiday party at Jam Pony. Any characters but would love to see Normal drunk on eggnog.

E-10. Art or Fic – Alec/Logan – Unwrapping your present. More Christmas porn.

E-11. Fic – Alec has to go undercover as Santa Claus. Logan has to teach him how to behave because he’s a Baaaad Santa. Gen or Slash and any other characters as desired.

E-12. Art or Fic – Alec/Logan - A sudden blizzard traps Alec at Logan’s (apt or house) and then the heat goes out. How do they stay warm?

F-1. Art. Wallpaper. Max/Alec - And then there were two.

F-2. Fic. Joshua. When you're online, no one knows your a dog.

F-3. Fic. Alec. Ode to a smirk.

F-4. Art. Banner/Header. Max/Alec. 700 x 300. Dark.

F-5. Fic. Max/Alec. Any place. Anytime. Anywhere.

F-6. Fic. Max/Alec. Sex club. "You want this".

F-7. Fic. Max/Alec. Transgenic perks? They can hold their breath for a really long time.

G-1. Fic. Max/Alec, or gen Alec doesn't get gift giving, being of the opinion that generosity is another word for naivety. Max used to agree.

G-2. Fic. Max/Alec, or gen A home-cooked shared meal.

G-3. Fic. Max/Alec, or gen conversations about sex

G-4. Fic, Cindy/Max before Logan or Alec, Cindy had Max all to herself.

G-5. Fic, Max/Alec, one surprises the other with a gift; awkwardness ensues.

G-6. Fic, Max/Alec, she kisses him first because he won't.

G-7. Header, Max/Alec, "Metal heart, you're not hiding"

G-8. Icons, Max/Alec, with text "heartbreakers"

G-9. Vid, Max/Alec, set to the National's "Bloodbuzz Ohio"

G-10. Fic, Alec gen, his first Christmas he's out on an assignment

G-11. Fic, Max/Alec, or gen
just because they knew your name
doesn't mean they know from where you came

H-1. fanmix. ben/alec, set based around an au universe that ben didn't die and was taken back to Manticore where he was brought back, but escaped during the fire and meets his twin along with a few life lessons along the way.

I-1. Fic/Vid/Art. Alec/Logan/Max; Logan thinks he's in the way and plans to leave Seattle. Max and Alec let him know how wrong he is about that.

I-2. Fic/Vid/Art. Joshua is super-protective of Logan after the human loses his legs again. Family/Friendship fic. H/C would be love.

I-3. Fic/Art. Alec/Logan mpreg; Logan gets an experimental procedure done to fix his legs. But nobody tells him he's been injected with 'essence of seahorse' that has an unfortunate (or fortunate) side effect - it makes him fertile.

I-4. Fic/Art. Logan/Max angst. Max POV when Logan is hurt but she's unable to touch him.

I-5. Fic/Art. Alec/Logan future AU. There was no pulse and the US did not go pear-shaped. Logan hooks up with a handsome US marine at a bar, not knowing he's transgenic. Up to author where it goes next.

I-6. Fic/Art. Alec/Logan domestic fluff. Boys relaxing in a bathtub :) Logan isn't walking in this one.

J-1. Fic: Alec/Logan - Alec and Logan are on the run. Out of tryophan and options, Logan is forced to accept an offer he really wants to refuse if he wants to help Alec.

J-2. Art: a set of Alec/Logan icons

J-3. Art: an Alec/Logan header for my journal for when I post my DA novel

J-4. Fic: Alec/Logan - accidental imprinting

J-5. Fic: Alec/Logan - White finds out Alec and Logan are bonded. He captures Logan to see if he could force him to bond with another transgenic.

J-6. Fic: Alec/Logan & Ben/Logan - Ben is alive and wants revenge on Max, so he grabs Logan. Ben, like other X5s, goes into heat. At that moment, Alec tracks Ben down, determined to get his new lover back. (Possible non-con, dub-con, I know, but I am okay with that)

J-7. Fic: Alec/Logan, Zach - Zach stuns everyone when he asks Logan out. But what shocks Alec even more is how much he really, really, really doesn't like that idea!

J-8. Art: Logan wallpaper for a 1366X768 screen.

J-9. Fic: Gen or Alec/Logan - After a close call, Logan suddenly finds himself with two very overprotective motherhens - Joshua and...Alec?!

J-10. Fic: Alec/Logan - "What the heck is that? Alec made a face at it. "Have you never seen a Christmas tree before?"

K-1. Vid. Alec and AWOLNATION's Sail. Just how far removed is he from the killer a predator that Ben was?

K-2. Fic. Alec/Max or gen. Give me something happy with the transgenics and Christmas. Are they out of TC yet or are they making the best of it?

K-3. Art. Wallpaper collage for a widescreen laptop (1600X900 ish) including Max, Logan, Alec, Joshua, Original Cindy and Sketchy. Maybe Jam Pony themed?

L-1. FIC - Slash Alec/Logan "If we were normal, we wouldn't be together."

L-2. FIC - Slash Alec/Logan A rogue X5 becomes obsessed with Logan and tries to force himself upon him. Alec stops the X5, then proceeds to claim Logan for his own.

L-3. FIC - Gen or Slash Alec finds he can't stop watching Logan.

L-4. FIC - Gen or Slash "Sorry. I'll have to call you back when someone's not trying to kill me." "Again?!"

L-5. FIC - Alec/Logan To avoid getting caught, Alec and Logan have to pretend to be having alley sex. Until they started doing it for real. Bottom!Logan please.

L-6. FIC - Alec/Logan Alec likes to give the orders once in a while. Logan likes to pretend he doesn't like to take orders.

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