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12 Days: Wish List Submissions


This is where you let us know what you're wishing for in Dark Angel Land this winter. You can comment under your LJ account, or anonymously—it doesn't matter. To keep all wishes anonymous, comments to this post are screened. Wishes will be added to a public masterlist as they come in.

A few things to keep in mind:
  • You do not have to submit a wish list in order to grant a wish.

  • You do not have to grant a wish in order to submit a wish list.

  • You do not have to claim a wish to grant it.

  • You can make up to 12 wishes.

  • Please do not make a separate comment for each wish. Try to keep them all in one comment. If you can only think of, say, 5 wishes now, but want to add more later, that's fine. You should be able to edit your comment as no one will be replying to it. If, for any reason, you can't edit, I won't jump down your throat for making another comment. I'd just like to avoid several comments per wisher.

  • Please number or separate your wishes in a semi-organized fashion, so it's easy to distinguish one wish from another at a glance.

  • You can wish for any fanwork related to Dark Angel: art, icons, recs, vids, graphics, fic (a particular pairing/prompt), etc.

  • The opportunity to post a wish list will remain open through Dec 13th.

  • All granted wishes should be posted any time during the 12 Days of Dark Angel posting period: Dec 14th – Dec 25th.

  • Please note not all wishes will be granted. This is not a reflection on you or the wish, but rather the granters' time and/or inclinations.

Example of a wish list:
  1. Art. Alec/Logan wallpaper [specifying a size might be helpful—ex: 1366 X 768px] with these lyrics on it: [insert lyrics].

  2. Art. A set of icons with Alec quotes.

  3. Art. A friends-only banner featuring Max [size?].

  4. Vid. Alec/Ben + [insert name of song].

  5. Art. A Joshua header for my journal [size?].

  6. Fic or vid. DA/SPN crossover; any genre/pairing. A transgenic's guide to hitchhiking with the Winchesters.

  7. Art. A set of icons from these images: fake link | fake link | fake link.

  8. Fic. Max/Alec, or gen. Just because the economy is crap doesn't mean the spirit of Black Friday is dead. Alec is out trying to find Max the perfect gift, and doesn't understand what the hell is happening.

  9. Fic. With Terminal City all snowed-in, Sketchy knows just how to pass the time. Man your battle stations; TC's 1st Epic Snowball Fight is about to commence!

  10. Art. Chibi!transgenics decorate a Christmas tree.

If you have any questions, please ask them here. The only case in which I'll reply to comments in this post is if I have a question about one of your wishes and can't ask you via PM (i.e. you commented anonymously). In any case, all original comments will remain screened.

The posting period has commenced, and wish list submissions are now closed. Here's hoping your wishes come true. Happy holidays!
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