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12 Days of Dark Angel


It's here! \o/ I'm starting this a little earlier this year, so anyone interested in participating has a little more time to work on things.

WHAT IT IS: 12 Days is a fairly laid-back, low-pressure challenge where, for the twelve consecutive days leading up to Christmas (Dec 14th – Dec 25th), something centered around Dark Angel is posted to the community. The what can be anything—drabble, poem, ficlet, icons, picspam, vid, recs, an epic fic, an update to a WIP, article, meta—really anything, as long as it's related to Dark Angel.

And, even though this is a Christmas-y challenge, it is by no means limited to Christmas. Works that focus on Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the winter solstice, or just winter in general, are more than welcome. In fact, anything you submit for the challenge doesn't necessarily have to be holiday- or winter-themed at all. The only requirement is that it's relevant to the fandom.

HOW IT WORKS: This challenge happens on three levels. You can volunteer to lead a day, submit a wish list, and/or just go with the flow and submit whatever you'd like to the comm during the posting period, including granted wishes.

  • Lead a day: To ensure no day goes by unloved, we ask for volunteers to lead days. All that means is that you are making sure something gets posted on whichever day(s) you claim. Again, anyone can submit something for the challenge during the posting period; you don't have to claim anything. Volunteers are simply insurance that there's a minimum of one post per day. To learn more, or jump right in and volunteer, go here.

  • Submit a wish list: Wish lists are submitted anonymously via screened comments. To give people as much time as possible to start granting wishes, I'll compile a masterlist of wishes as they come in, and do my best to keep it updated as more wishes are submitted. More information on wish lists can be found in the Wish List Submissions post.

  • General posting: With the exception of those leading days, Dec 14th through the 25th is pretty much a posting free-for-all. Anyone and everyone can post whatever they've got for us on any of those days, at any time of day.

    All I really ask when posting for the challenge is that you use all tags relevant to your fanwork for easier tracking and searching. We have an overall .challenge: 12days 2012 tag, the .12days: granted wishes tag if you're granting someone's wish, along with several other general comm tags (category, genre, pairing, etc..) that may or may not apply. For the rest of it, just make sure you follow the general comm rules found in our user info section.

    Also, if you're granting someone's wish, it would be awesome if you could include the number assigned to that wish in your notes, so the wisher will have an easier time finding it.

PROMOTE THIS: Yes, I'm recycling the banner from last year; I'm a tad busy lately. XP If anyone wants to make a new one, though, that'd be fabulousss. In the meantime, copy/paste this code to pimp this challenge to your flists and comms:

Questions? Comments?
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